Missing Classmates

"What Ever Happened to (these members of) the Class of '65?"

Can You Help Us?

Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to locate these classmates. If you are in touch with any of them or are aware of their location, please let us know of their e-mail and/or USPS contact information.

Current as of 02/11/2020

Tom Ackerson
Charles R. Allen
Ken Anderson
Phillip Arndt
Judy Bloomfield
Judy Blount
Penny Boggs
Lorene Braden
Judy Britton
Mark Catron
Michele Champ
Bonnie Clark Glisson
Sandy Clem Parker
Carolyn Crabtree
John Frederick Crawford
Karen Croxton Boyreau
Joe Culbertson, Jr.
Denise Dixon
Timothy Dorris
Jackie Durham
Jim Edwards
Linda Folkerts Palmer
Barb Gill Smith
Brian Griffin
John Harmon
Jon Hartman

David Hawkes
Terry Hays
Thelma Headrick McClure
Jerry Henley
Phil Hinds
Bill Holvey
Judy Holvey Allison
Penny Johnson
Bill Joseph
Cherie LeFevre
Mike Liddy
Grant Logan
Dan Lovens
Cherie Mansfield Foster
Dale Markert
Linda McAfee Moore
Ken McGregor
Ed Miller
Gay Miller
Cheryl Sue Moon Gaunt                  Craig Pennington
Dorothy Pickett Schoby
Sharon Prescott
Louanne Pullin Smith

Dorothy Riedel
Ted Roofner
Randy Rowland
Candy Salstrand Peterson
Linda Scattergood
Jacquelyn Lee Sidles
Darlene Sims Melvin
John Sloan
Glen Smith
Jim Smith
Robert Smith
Sandra Snedeker                       Tom Spratt
Vicki Stilts Gebhardt
Karen Stutzman
Linda Tucker
Carol Walker Flood
Roger Webster
Rick Williams
Gary Willoughby

Please contact us if you know the whereabouts of any of these people. If you know one of these classmates is deceased, please let us know that as well.

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